Looking for a job in Ukraine? We have a brand new office in Kiev, contact us!
Written by admin 21 November 2019

December is traditionally reserved for the holidays. It is a time when impressions from the whole year are slowly being summed up, the working year is coming to an end, and we are slowly indulging in the upcoming celebrations. However, we at Quantox are completing another successful year this month, but we are also beginning another new story, a new chapter in our company. In addition to our country, we decided to try our hand at working in a foreign market! Going East – It is a great pleasure to announce that we are opening a new office in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev!


Yeah, you read it well! On the 1st of December, this year, we will open the office in Kiev and we will have lots of room there, for all kinds of programmers, so contact us now! The address is Kostiantynivska St, 2А, come by! Also, this is just a first step, we are about to open more of these across Europe and we can’t wait next year.

In the name of good progress and a happy ending this year – Cheers!

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